Don’t Get Your Neck Tattooed


The Z to A of Life Skills That You Don’t Get From Sitting Exams


Growing up is tough! Worried about what your future self will be? Unsure of how to become the person who you really want to become? Faced with choices, pressure and responsibilities that don’t seem to make a lot of sense? Ever find yourself lacking motivation? Feel that life has little direction? Do you dream about a great life but have no idea how to make it real?

If your answer is yes to any of this, then you are not alone. Well today you can make a change and begin your journey to make it happen.

Meet Milo, a regular teen who goes on a journey through the “Z to A of Life”, where each letter stands for essential life habits that will help bring you success, stressing that ‘this is how life can be if you want it to be’. He doesn’t go backwards but sometimes life doesn’t go in the order we expect it to. By creating positive mindsets, developing great habits and learning from successful people, you can now turn dreams into realities.

Whether you’re a teenager with ambition, a parent or teacher looking to help turn a teen from downbeat to upbeat or an adult who wants to get life back on track, Don’t Get Your Neck Tattooed is here to help.


4 reviews for Don’t Get Your Neck Tattooed

  1. John & Brenda Ryan

    I bet you can’t read just one chapter; I can’t put it down!
    What an amazing book. The sensible sized chapters make it ideal to engage with young people. You can pick up and just read a chapter, but I bet you won’t! Full of practical ideas, and great to get you thinking. Highly recommended to schools and individuals alike. Thank you

  2. admin

    Fabulous read for young people and adults alike
    This is a brilliant guide for young people to thrive and get ahead in the 21st century. ” Don’t Get Your Neck Tattooed” is fun, humorous and full of anecdotes and experiences that draw you in and keep you absorbed right to the end. Most of all this book is relatable, uplifting and a great Z -A of life skills. Easy to read in one go or dip into. A must for every school library.

  3. admin

    This book instructs the younger student to make the very most of the opportunities open to them.
    Mark and Jules have made a very good job of this excellent book which, in a unique and non-traditional way, aims to motivate younger students to make the very most of the opportunities open to them.
    This is certainly not a typical ‘academic’ text of the kind I might have written in my own career as a tutor \ trainer, but the authors are to be congratulated for their ability to relate to their audience in a practical, instructive and meaningful manner. Judging by other feedback on this site, the authors demonstrate that they are in touch with the world of younger students and their approach appears to be successful and effective.

  4. admin

    Fantastic book must read…..
    I’ve read this book and absolutely loved it and want this book to be the part of most of the local schools and libraries. Highly recommended.

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