Rev Up Your Revision (Pre-Order Available)


Rev Up Your Revision shows ways how to make revision and study, easy and fun!


Available for Pre-Order (anticipated launch date January 2021)

Do you find studying hard? Is it sometimes boring? Is it hard because it’s boring or even boring because it’s hard? Many students find it difficult to stay focused and get stressed out to the max by their workloads?

By opening the Future Toolbox and finding our study tools, we can help. This interactive book provides simple and fun ideas to enhance independent learning, study and revision.

The aim is to help students to get into the right mindset to prepare for SATS/mocks/exams or complete vital coursework.

We share tools and techniques which help to make the boring stuff fun, the hard stuff easier and turn the ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’!

With proven memory techniques, Rev Up Your Revision will help to create positive study habits. By having a little more fun, you will ultimately build up resilience, relieve stress and lead on a path to success.


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