What The Hell Just Happened?

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From Brain Injury to Bereavement and Breast Cancer


Have you experienced a challenge in your life that has pushed you to your limit?

From brain injury to breast cancer and bereavement What the Hell Just Happened is the compelling, true story of how we stayed strong in the face of adversity. At times, we were beaten, battered and broken, our mental health and resilience were tested to the max.

Find out how the phrase, ‘holiday of a lifetime’ took a whole new meaning for Mark and Jules Kennedy.

Our story will not only make you laugh and cry, it will inspire you to never give up, no matter what life throws at you.

Anxiety, depression and mental health issues are important subjects at the forefront of people’s minds. This book will help you to understand that at times, it’s ok not to be ok.

6 reviews for What The Hell Just Happened?

  1. Reader

    This book does an amazing job
    Thank you for sharing your book with me, living with anxiety and depression is something I have done for the past 12 years, and while I don’t have a brain injury your book does an amazing job of explaining the difficulties people who suffer with anxiety and depression face and how it affects the people around them.

  2. Reader

    Couldn’t put it down
    Well, its 9.30pm on Friday night and last night, after a long shift, I started to read this book and finished it tonight after another long shift – I felt so compelled to get to the end – What The Hell Just Happened? Yes indeed… honestly, I was not expecting that!

  3. admin

    This book will help so many people
    What a beautiful book written by two beautiful souls. What The Hell Just Happened? pulls on your heart strings in all the best ways, it’s compelling, gripping, heart wrenchingly sad, shocking, funny, uplifting and so very honest all at the same time. You are an inspirational team and this book will help so many people.

  4. Kennedy Authors

    A reality check
    I personally have a ‘life is short-live big’ attitude but until faced with that reality you are never really sure how you will react to news that can turn your world upside-down. You show us it’s possible.

  5. Reader

    A powerful mental health account of living with their “everyday life” for over 6 years. A strong married couple proving you can start to overcome what is in front of you if you face up to it, keep going and look hard enough for the answers. A compelling read from start to finish – wishing you both well into the future!

  6. Ann Pritchard (verified owner)

    I read this book in 3 days and I’m normally a slow reader. A compelling genuine and heartfelt true story of a couple dealing with the curved balls that live has thrown at them and facing them with grace and love.
    Certain aspects of their story such as dealing with bereavement, change and loss are relatable to everyone. Despite the serious topics, the story is told with humour and hope and, by the end of the story, I felt encouraged to be courageous and set myself new challenges, in spite of obstacles.
    A fantastic read.

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