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Meet The Kennedy Authors

We are Mark and Jules, authors of various book, and they’re all quite different. Mark has been publishing football fanzines for a number of years and his first book, We All Follow The Cobblers…Over Land & Sea, was written in 2008 about the journey of a football supporter. Eleven years later, we published Don’t Get Your Neck Tattooed and then followed up with What The Hell Just Happened? in 2020. Of course, there are many more ideas on the horizon.

Our writing style has been described as engaging and captivating by many of their readers. The theme is capturing real life stories but adding a unique twist to make it harder to put our books down. Every author aims to capture the emotion of the reader and that is certainly our goal.

As well as writing, we’re also keen artists. Mark specialises in black and white sketching and has a passion for capturing local history in Northamptonshire. Jules is a watercolour artist. Some of our prints are for sale in the online shop on this site.

When we’re not writing books, we run two businesses: one is a multi-award-winning motivation training company called Future Toolbox. We work with teens and young adults in schools, colleges and other educational establishments. Our vision is to raise aspirations, create growth mindsets and empower young people to harness a positive attitude. It was an honour to be named the Best Enterprising Business in Northamptonshire in 2018, 2019 and 2020/21.

A huge passion of ours is travelling and experiencing all this wonderful world has to offer. Fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also a big must for us, being outdoors with nature, running or walking. Of course, we both love great food and can often be found in our kitchen preparing lovely fresh healthy meals for us and our family.

Enjoy our books and our artwork.

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